Cooking deliciously with steam….

Wolf’s steam/convection oven

Simply delicious food can be prepared anywhere with a cook who has passion for her recipes and for her family or her guests….but we’re in the 21st century girls! That means fantastic ovens (when you are ready to buy one of course!) So I am discovering the latest steam ovens.

There are many manufacturers out there, but I have been researching both Wolf and Electrolux to get the “skinny” on steam.

According to Electrolux,Electrolux, inventor of the combi-steam concept for professional chefs, is launching a new version of its CombiSteam Deluxe oven for households, now with a bigger cavity and more flexible shelf system.

The all-new oven, which is part of the company’s Inspiration line-up, offers all of the functions expected on a top-of-the-range oven, plus three programmes that use different combinations of steam and hot air:

• CrispSteam (25% steam) for roasting poultry or meat. While dry heat crisps the surface, steam keeps the inside moist and tender.

• SoftSteam (50% steam) for creating a crisp crust on breads and cakes and for reheating foods without further browning them or drying them out.

• PureSteam (100% steam) for dishes like rice, couscous or vegetables for maximum retention of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as natural colour and taste. There is a local showroom with Electroluxproducts on display in Richfield, Ohio.

I also love the Wolf steam oven because you can actually go to a local showroom and learn to cook with steam….live! Here in Cleveland, Ohio, Subzero-Wolf’s “Living Kitchen” provides such an experience.

Brands Distributed:
Wolf Appliance

12610 Corporate Drive (off West 130th – Between Brookpark & Snow Roads)
Parma, OH 44130

Need some recipes using steam cooking? Contact me.
Keep researching those ovens.

Refrigeration in kitchen design

If you love going to the local farmers market at a nearby farm like I do, you’ve probably learned that even picking your own tomatoes or strawberries and hurrying them home won’t ensure freshness and good flavors. The correct handling and storage is essential. So what’s the latest in refrigerators? The new French Door Bottom Mount refrigerators from KitchenAid feature the company’s exclusive Preserva Food Care System, a technology that optimizes humidity levels to help keep food fresher longer, according to the company. The FreshFlow Produce Preserver also absorbs ethylene gas, and the FreshFlow Air Filter reduces food odors according to Kitchenaid.

Then there is one of the oldest manufactures and makers of the Subzero refrigerators. The 60-year old company claims its dual compression systems promotes longevity of storing those fruits and veggies. Fresh and frozen foods have different preservation needs. Fresh foods do best in a humid yet chilly climate to maintain their integrity, while frozen and convenience foods require dry, frigid air to prevent decay and freezer burn.

Check out the nearest appliance store or authorized dealer for Wolf-Subzero Living Kitchen.

Vintage in the Kitchen

Vintage collectibles can accessorize your kitchen!

Do you love your “vintage finds”? How about those salvage warehouses filled with antiques and architectural items? The kitchen and eating areas are perfect to display and use the things you love. Here are a few fun hints on creating your new kitchen with a historical or vintagy look:


Bring your imagination to a yard sale or estate sale, and even online sites when searching for salvaged or reclaimed antique items. Vintage finds can create an entirely new dimension in your kitchen. Consider antique panels for covering appliances and look for old brackets, hardware, mismatched silverware and canisters. Check out Columbus Architectural Salvage.


If remodeling your kitchen (or building new), consider making the kitchen sink area a focal point with a farmhouse style or apron front sink. Salvaged sinks are being collected and can be found in online warehouses such as This Old Tub and Sink.


Sue Patterson, Interior Designer/Kitchen Designer at Studio 76 likes displaying a homeowners collectibles or sentimental pieces. “One of my customers had a lot of old cookie cutters that had been handed down from her mother. I suggested that she make shadow boxes to display them in and then hang on a nearby wall.” Open shelves instead of a wall cabinet is also an option.

There is a very unique shoppe run by 2 sisters in Helena, Ohio called The Summer Kitchen Interiors  You will find so many local artisan items and “vintage” seems to be one of their most popular themes.

Have fun!

Vintage Kitchen Design