Before and After Kitchen

Before and After

The Before and After of this kitchen near Cleveland, Ohio, would make any homeowner proud. The value of their home just went up. The clutter is gone. The cabinets are new. The countertops are granite. The appliances are new. The island adds tremendous flexibility. It’s easy to prep and clean-up. The family entertains with ease. Nice seating. Storage galore!

I love “Wow” before-and-after photos!

Can you achieve a renovation of this caliber on a budget? I think so. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when considering a total “gut” kitchen remodel.

1) Where your house is located will have an impact on which projects to tackle. However, an updated kitchen always adds an immediate value, especially after a depressed housing market.

2) Depending on the values of other houses in your neighborhood, a total kitchen remodel (rather than a partial) will most likely set your home apart from them. I just talked to a couple who purchased a house based solely on the fact that the kitchen was totally renovated and updated to an “open floor” plan (walls had been taken out) and they could simply move-in and know that the value already exists.

3) Staying on a budget is important. The material and product choices today afford great flexibility in kitchen remodels. For example, the recent kitchen remodel I’ve posted in this blog had moderate selections in their new appliances, keeping several thousand dollars available for granite counters. That’s just one area where a budget can be maintained. Another is new cabinets. I’m not a big fan of refacing existing cabinets … there’s just too many manufactured cabinet lines out there with all the upgraded and latest hardware and drawer and door construction features at modest prices.

Stay tuned in to my blog as I review current kitchen designs and products.


Organized Kitchen Culture

A place for everything. What a concept!

Spices in a pantry cabinet....labeled on the tops.

Studebaker AFTER 190

But organizing each shelf and drawer will be trial and error for awhile! I usually like to suggest working in your kitchen paying attention to the items that you use at each specific appliance.

For example, your cooktop. Are you grabbing your spices during the stirring, or do you find the spices you need before you even begin to cook? What about your smaller appliances, like the Cuisinart or blender? Are they pretty enough (like a KitchenAid cobalt blue?) to keep out on the counter all the time? Why not add an electrical outlet and pocket doors on a wall cabinet as shown in the photo?

Baking up a storm? Again, try to organize your kitchen stuff into activity “zones”. Keep the baking items like mixing bowls, baking sprays and utensils, etc. close to the oven.

Vertical storage for trays, sheets, boards. Nice!

Vertical storage for trays, sheets, boards. Nice!

I really liked one homeowner’s idea to install wood dividers in a cabinet above her oven for sheets, cutting boards, over-sized platters and trays. Real Simple also has super ideas for clutter-free living in the kitchen.

I enjoy helping homeowners who want to remodel with the accessories available with cabinet lines! Both Mouser Custom Cabinets and Medallion Cabinets have super organizational options.