Do You Need To Replace Your Lighting To LED?

Darker Countertops Require Good Lighting

Darker Countertops Require Good Lighting

Do you need to replace your bulbs to LED? Not necessarily, but eventually:)

Most of us will still be confused in the lighting aisle, where you can still purchase halogen bulbs because of the low price and  these bulbs “feel” like the old incandescents …. yet halogen bulbs are still only approx. 25 percent more efficient which is just enough to meet the EISA standards set.

LED lights are truly getting better and more exciting. (Can you tell I’m the daughter of a life-long electrician?) Because LED lights are so efficient, they will take a VERY long time before you’ll need to replace. I like that concept! According to Popular Mechanics, “Replacing a 60-watt incandescent with an LED equivalent will save you $130 in energy costs over the new bulb’s lifetime. The average American household could slash $150 from its annual energy bill by replacing all incandescents with LED bulbs.”

Here’s more info:

-LED lights are dimmable

-LED lights are getting “warmer” in color tone (LED’s now have CRI’s in the 80’s….Color Rendering Index)

-LED lights are getting cheaper to buy (manufacturers are more efficient in producing LED’s and demand is high)

Replacing certain kinds of older fixtures and housings take a bit of research and “trying on” lightbulbs can be a chore, but in the end, an updated look is achieved and the energy savings will be realized.

Have a great summer!

Lighting Up The Kitchen

Lighting that is "layered" for tasks in the kitchen

Lighting that is “layered” for tasks in the kitchen

Here’s the latest on lights for your kitchen.

Don’t hesitate to use LED lighting as you update your home’s lighting, especially in the kitchen. I am always pleasantly surprised how rooms are beautifully illuminated. (and you won’t need to keep changing out the bulbs!)

Kitchen Design Top 3 “Must-Have” Products

What is it that every kitchen must have? What would a potential home buyers love to find in your kitchen?

Here are my Top 3 must-haves:

Clean up your air with ventilation over your range

Sleek ventilation above your range

1) Ventilation over the range:
We don’t often think about air quality. But when you’re cooking up a storm, your brain eventually reminds you to turn on your kitchen fan or ventilator. The interior air in the kitchen is an important place for you to control the quality.

When remodeling, consider venting those air-born particles and steam, shooting them to the outside! For more ideas… I like Best by Broan vents, hoods and inserts.

Trash Base pull-out

Trash base pull-out

Include under-cabinet illumination for task lighting
Include under-cabinet illumination for task lighting

2) Trash base pull-out:
I know that most of us keep our trash typically under the sink, but if you’re ready to replace cabinets, by all means, include a hidden trash to the right or left of your kitchen sink. There is even an option now to simply push in with your knee for an automatic quick opening of the base. Hands-free! Very cool.

3) Under-counter lights:
There are options like never before! Consider Nora Lighting’s low-profile LED tape lights; an energy solution for lighting up kitchen areas, including under the cabinets, in toe kicks along the floor and on steps. The tape is linear and small and can be attached to anything. This option also has a wide range of colors including cool and warm whites. The tape can be cut every 4 inches…go figure!