Four Ways To Update Your Kitchen in 2015

Transitional Style in the Kitchen includes color and eclectic lampshade island lightsing.

  • LED tape lights are the latest to add to highlite just about any place in the kitchen. With up to 50,000 of lifespan and low heat output makes LED tape my choice for lighting underneath wall cabinets, or underneath the toekick space. Applying this “tape” to the sides of cabinets with glass doors or above crown molding to reflect light off the ceiling is easy and modern. This professional modular lighting system features a variety of control options. A few manufacturers of LED tape include JESCO, Juno Lighting and Nora Lighting. They also carry LED puck lights.
  • INDUCTION cooktops have incredible instant response. Induction is the best cooking technology on the market. From instant simmering to a high setting for bringing to boil any liquids to an extremely low “melt” setting on many models makes cooking enjoyable. The worktop surface stays relatively cool since it’s magnetic technology. Induction cooking also eliminates the need to use a powerful hood vent. Heat is transferred only to the cooking vessel.Check out Wolf’s induction cooktop in various sizes with 4 or 5 burners.
  • TRANSITIONAL KITCHEN DESIGN is strong in interior design and with good reason. This style has been made popular by homeowners who are trending toward a simpler way of life, or homeowners who still respect and enjoy the familiar traditional looks in furnishings but desire a fresh take on kitchen design with less clutter, clean lines and modern innovative appliances. It’s easy to respect the architectural style of a house and decorate in a transitional style. In kitchens selections include simple door styles, smooth painted or stained finishes which include new gray colors and more modern styled faucets with stainless, nickel and black finishes. Even a vintage piece or flea-market find can be used in a contemporary updated transitional kitchen. Studio 76 Kitchens and Baths blog includes additional information on this kitchen style.
  • EARTHY COLORS for cabinetry is the approach for updated kitchen design, including mixing white paint or black accented islands or upper wall cabinets for effect.Pops of color in frames of cabinets or colorful walls add the interest in kitchen design. Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer or ColorSnap app are great tools to use for deciding what looks the best when painting kitchen walls. Medallion Cabinetry now offers new stains and paints that lend to current design trends in kitchens. Expand your culinary skills, entertain and enjoy an updated kitchen!

Cooking deliciously with steam….

Wolf’s steam/convection oven

Simply delicious food can be prepared anywhere with a cook who has passion for her recipes and for her family or her guests….but we’re in the 21st century girls! That means fantastic ovens (when you are ready to buy one of course!) So I am discovering the latest steam ovens.

There are many manufacturers out there, but I have been researching both Wolf and Electrolux to get the “skinny” on steam.

According to Electrolux,Electrolux, inventor of the combi-steam concept for professional chefs, is launching a new version of its CombiSteam Deluxe oven for households, now with a bigger cavity and more flexible shelf system.

The all-new oven, which is part of the company’s Inspiration line-up, offers all of the functions expected on a top-of-the-range oven, plus three programmes that use different combinations of steam and hot air:

• CrispSteam (25% steam) for roasting poultry or meat. While dry heat crisps the surface, steam keeps the inside moist and tender.

• SoftSteam (50% steam) for creating a crisp crust on breads and cakes and for reheating foods without further browning them or drying them out.

• PureSteam (100% steam) for dishes like rice, couscous or vegetables for maximum retention of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as natural colour and taste. There is a local showroom with Electroluxproducts on display in Richfield, Ohio.

I also love the Wolf steam oven because you can actually go to a local showroom and learn to cook with steam….live! Here in Cleveland, Ohio, Subzero-Wolf’s “Living Kitchen” provides such an experience.

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Need some recipes using steam cooking? Contact me.
Keep researching those ovens.