Long and Narrow Kitchen?

kitchen window seat Candice Olsenkitchen remodel-narrow
Are you blessed with a small (or large) kitchen that makes you feel like you should be bowling rather than cooking? Ahhhh, this is actually such a common space for a kitchen! Two-story or ranch, here are 3 quick questions that you could ask yourself that will help you plan a really nice kitchen update.


Question #1: Am I willing to incorporate seating in my little kitchen….rather than putting a separate table and chairs in the space?
Now here’s another question that goes along with that….Am I willing to design a seating space in an adjoining room that blends with the kitchen update?

Answer: By incorporating seating along a two-wall kitchen or even enlarging your long and narrow kitchen (yep, that’s what I said, make it a little longer), you’d be surprized that by simply extending a countertop or taking an island or peninsula and design a small tabletop helps to make a super useful and stunning kitchen. OR go ahead and “divide” your long narrow space into 2 spaces with a fab. ceiling and wide trim entrance.


Question #2: Am I willing to put thought, effort, and design expertise into AT LEAST a countertop replacement that will help make my long narrow kitchen feel updated,fresh and new?

Answer: Just take my word for it …. consider new countertops. I’ve even seen the latest HD laminates along with granite or quartz just make a kitchen look new again. However, there’s one caveat …. you’ll need to at least “freshen” your cabinets whether you paint or replace. Otherwise it’s a bandaid fix. Also, keep some funds to replace your wall cabinet doors to glass-fronts.


Question #3: Am I willing to stay neutral in my color choices?

Answer: I’d like to see you not draw attention to any one area of your long and narrow kitchen. A one wall kitchen, or a two-wall kitchen really doesn’t need a lot of pattern, so your choices of paint, counters, backsplash, window coverings are going to make or break a spacious feel.

And here’s a thought …. create a “window seat”…..even if you don’t have a window! I love helping homeowners do seating of any kind in the kitchen! The photo I’ve included is a window seat by Candice Olson, one of my favorite designers.

Have a sunny day.

Update With White

Painted white cabinets never go out of style!

Painted white cabinets never go out of style!

For a fresh update, no matter what your style, the color WHITE is always in style. This never trending neutral carries that “new” look in kitchens. And yes, believe it or not, a new kind of white appliance finish is even making an entrance in the dominated stainless world of kitchen fixtures.(check out Whirlpool’s Ice White series)
Add a white table and painted woodwork for a 2013 update.

Add a white table and painted woodwork for a 2013 update.

If you can only afford a smaller kitchen remodel, painting the window trim and baseboards is always a good start. That way, if your existing cabinets are wood stained, white trim can actually give the illusion of newer cabinet doors.
Because I’m a cabinet girl from way back, white painted cabinet finishes are some of my favorites when designing for bigger budget kitchen remodels. My grandmother had a white kitchen and so did my mom for awhile. My real estate friends tell me painted white kitchens sell well, probably because it’s neutral and fresh looking appealing to most style tastes.

I am so used to seeing all kinds of stained wood, and usually stainless appliances in people’s kitchens. When looking for a countertop replacement, I’m beginning to follow the lighter colored stone and quartz surfaces for recommending. Ninety-Five percent of the time, homeowners need to “lighten up” their kitchens, and anything WHITE really helps!

Have fun with colors and textures….by introducing a “white” into your kitchen remodel.