Countertops trending…

As kitchens get smaller, the impact of the countertop gets bigger – and that means creative countertop designs are more important than ever. Designers are addressing this need with a variety of applications, including layering of materials (i.e. wood or solid surface over stone), and varying countertop heights, materials and colors to visually separate different zones.

–More color is showing up in countertops, perhaps because consumers expect to live with their countertops longer than in years past, and are unwilling to commit to a bland color for the long haul…  consumers are increasingly using multiple colors in one space.

–Texture is another key trend, with a growing interest in materials that offer visual texture, depth and dimension.

–Although the economy continues to improve, consumers remain interested in countertop materials that provide value – both functionally and aesthetically. As such, there’s a growing demand for easy-care, durable surfaces that can withstand the test of time.

–While granite remains ever popular, quartz continues to make inroads thanks to its aesthetic appeal, wide array of color options and ease of maintenance. Solid surface also is garnering increased interest for its flexibility, allowing designers to incorporate trivets, drainage boards and even touch-screen TV monitors into the surface. Improved laminate technology is also making laminate a more attractive, affordable option.

The information above is from my latest issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News. I agree with it, and although fully sealed granite is still the most popular choice for homeowners in countertops, the quartz brands that have the best color options and are extremely durable are Cambria and Caesarstone. Silestone has also made designers happy with some of their latest colors.

Email me if you have any questions on replacing your countertops. Okay?


The Winner of Deb’s Kitchen Contest will be…

Trash Base pull-out

Trash Base pull-out



The winner of my “Deb’s Ugly Kitchen Contest” will be announced in March. Don’t delay… there’s nothing to lose. Swallow your pride and just admit your kitchen is ugly!

I’ve recieved a number of your kitchen photos that are showing old, beat-up, outdated, stained, unattractive and non-working things in your kitchens such as countertops, spaces, cabinets, appliances, sink, faucets, backsplashes, floors and walls. If this defines “ugly” to you …. then go for it!

A stainless dishwasher updates the look of this kitchen

A stainless dishwasher updates the look of this kitchen

The prize is a new plan, drawn by me uniquely for you. Hopefully, I will be able to view and field measure your ugly kitchen myself, but as a winner you will be excited about your future dream kitchen and receive some gift cards as well!  I’m having fun with this. Aren’t you?

Here’s all you have to do in order to enter my fun contest:

Email 3 digital photos to You will recieve confirmation by email. OK?

Deb Shababy

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My Favorite Cooktops

Cooktop electricAccording to the manufacturer of Wolf products, their electric cook top is described like this… The black ceramic glass top of the Wolf 30″ Electric Cooktop is beautifully complemented by classic stainless steel trim. Three heating elements with seven zones offer exceptional control of temperature for cooking utensils of every size. A bridge connects two elements for a 7-inch by 16-inch, 4400 watt heating area. All elements offer True Simmer along with one element that enables you to set the temperature for melting.

My reason for purchasing this cooktop for my own kitchen –  it’s really responsive with the digital touchpad and also it cleans beautifully. I’m a really sloppy cook … ask my hubby or my kids. The lock feature on this cooktop also enables me to use the entire cooktop surface for one big trivit. It also helps when my family puts a big greasy pizza box on it.

But plenty of friends and clients through the years still prefer a gas cooktop. Here are a few of my top picks for various reasons:

Thermadore SGXS30 is a premium 30-incher…it’s sealed burners with extra-low simmer burners and the controls are in the front. Nice. Continue reading

Deb’s Ugly Kitchen Contest … more prizes

Win the Kitchen Design by entering Deb's Ugly Kitchen Contest

Win the Kitchen Design by entering Deb’s Ugly Kitchen Contest

Here are 5 reasons to admit your kitchen is ugly, outdated, and needs help!

  1. If you win my contest, I’ll be able to give you a headstart in remodeling the most important room in your house. I will assess your present kitchen space (and surrounding rooms), make recommendations, field measure and give you “layered” drawings of several possibilities for your kitchen. The design will include a blueprint, mechanical layout, cabinet/counter space plan, detailed elevations and sketches along with an interior design color analysis. I will also include your first budget analysis (everyone has a budget!) and when you are ready, you will be able to get exact estimates on your future kitchen renovation.
  2. More prizes! Now I will offer various gift certificates to products and services needed for your future kitchen remodel. Just think of the possibilities…new counters, new faucets, new appliances, new cabinets, new flooring, new backsplashes, new hardware, new paint, new sink…
  3. Savvy solutions to cramped kitchens. That’s a reason all by itself to enter your existing kitchen into Deb’s Ugly Kitchen Contest!
  4. Why spend more than you have to?If you get your kitchen “designed” ahead of time, your budget, even if its low, will become very realistic and manageable for your future project. Trust me. I’ve been designing people’s kitchens for a long, long time. The planning ahead process should take some time.
  5. Future Return on Investment … I guarantee it. Here’s my email to send 3 digital photos of your existing, outdated, cramped and ugly kitchens: