Organized Kitchen Culture

A place for everything. What a concept!

Spices in a pantry cabinet....labeled on the tops.

Studebaker AFTER 190

But organizing each shelf and drawer will be trial and error for awhile! I usually like to suggest working in your kitchen paying attention to the items that you use at each specific appliance.

For example, your cooktop. Are you grabbing your spices during the stirring, or do you find the spices you need before you even begin to cook? What about your smaller appliances, like the Cuisinart or blender? Are they pretty enough (like a KitchenAid cobalt blue?) to keep out on the counter all the time? Why not add an electrical outlet and pocket doors on a wall cabinet as shown in the photo?

Baking up a storm? Again, try to organize your kitchen stuff into activity “zones”. Keep the baking items like mixing bowls, baking sprays and utensils, etc. close to the oven.

Vertical storage for trays, sheets, boards. Nice!

Vertical storage for trays, sheets, boards. Nice!

I really liked one homeowner’s idea to install wood dividers in a cabinet above her oven for sheets, cutting boards, over-sized platters and trays. Real Simple also has super ideas for clutter-free living in the kitchen.

I enjoy helping homeowners who want to remodel with the accessories available with cabinet lines! Both Mouser Custom Cabinets and Medallion Cabinets have super organizational options.

Kitchen Floors… Wood or Tile?

Tile flooring gave this kitchen a light, airy look, durable for years to come.

Tile flooring gave this kitchen a light, airy look, durable for years to come. Kitchen by Studio 76 Kitchens and Baths.

Continuous hardwood flooring (showing hickory species in photo) can blend rooms, making the space appear larger and open.

Wood floors or tile floors …. that’s a question that has many homeowners baffled for several reasons. And don’t ask me…because I love both!

As long as there’s a proper subfloor, tile (either ceramic, porcelain, or gaged stone) is pretty indestructible…although I have seen some cracking that had to do with the underlayment and subfloor issues. It’s gorgeous really, with the larger 16×16’s up to 20x20s. The new porcelain mimics real stone and unless you want the rustic look…tiles can be tightly fitted for minimal grout joints. Check out Siberian Tundra Limestone by Daltile.

Tile flooring is excellent for┬ápets, traffic, dirt and water. The only complaint I hear in the wintertime is that it’s cold on bare feet. You might want to consider heating elements underneath. ┬áPure luxury! Continue reading