Not-too-serious kitchen decorating

In one way, your kitchen is part of your lifestyle… and in another way, your home’s kitchen IS a lifestyle. Let me explain.

My dad used to say, “be like your mother and love your home”. When I would come home from school to always find food in our kitchen, it was a warm yet clean style that reflected my mother’s desire to stay organized in spite of 6 or 7 kids, a grandmother and extra friends always made to feel welcome at our house. My mom collected children’s artwork…and the finger paintings and pipe cleaner art always ended up in our kitchen.

Here’s a fun idea.  Always use the un-used! Like odd frames and old bulletin boards on a blank wall. I love to “re-purpose” things that are laying around. Here is an idea by pic

Finding a place to show-off your collections....your kitchen!

“Good design happens when you’re thoughtful and original-and never too serious. You need to have a sense of humor in this business. Otherwise, why do it?” says Sarah Richardson, the popular host of several Canadian TV decorating shows.

Cool Kitchens…small “splurges” make a big impact!

Getting that first cup of coffee or getting kids their breakfast first thing in the morning often sets the “mood” for your day. Cool kitchen gadgets can help make mornings easier, and they’re fun Christmas gifts to get… but I’d like to tell you about a few small “splurges” you can make in your existing kitchen that can make a big impact on updating your kitchen design.

PURCHASE KITCHEN ISLAND: Actually,  buying a couple base cabinets of drawers and adding post legs or base trim is less expensive than most dining sets of tables and chairs Islands are never trendy and are ever so useful and pretty. Check out Grabill Cabinets’ gallery for ideas.

PURCHASE CROWN MOULDING: By adding a 2 or 3 piece moulding either on top of your existing wall cabinets or around your ceiling in the kitchen, a big visual impact goes a long way. If your floor to ceiling height is shorter, crown mouldings can draw the eye upward when meeting cabinets at the ceiling level. Crown is just outright beautiful! Everything looks finished! You can check out Baird Lumber, a fine moulding source.

PURCHASE NEW CABINET HARDWARE: Check out the drilling size of your existing hardware and then check out the latest in knobs and pulls. You don’t even have to change out all of them….perhaps just a few for visual impact. (Now’s the time to change your kitchen faucet as well) I am enjoying the Art Deco collection from Richelieu Hardware.  Who can resist some of the new metals and finishes out there? There are also glass knobs which I’ve specified for a few jobs recently.

So have fun planning your 2013 kitchen design updates… and have a blessed holiday.

Deb Shababy

Add an island instead of a kitchen table...instant style !

Add an island instead of a kitchen table…instant style !

Kitchen Design Top 3 “Must-Have” Products

What is it that every kitchen must have? What would a potential home buyers love to find in your kitchen?

Here are my Top 3 must-haves:

Clean up your air with ventilation over your range

Sleek ventilation above your range

1) Ventilation over the range:
We don’t often think about air quality. But when you’re cooking up a storm, your brain eventually reminds you to turn on your kitchen fan or ventilator. The interior air in the kitchen is an important place for you to control the quality.

When remodeling, consider venting those air-born particles and steam, shooting them to the outside! For more ideas… I like Best by Broan vents, hoods and inserts.

Trash Base pull-out

Trash base pull-out

Include under-cabinet illumination for task lighting
Include under-cabinet illumination for task lighting

2) Trash base pull-out:
I know that most of us keep our trash typically under the sink, but if you’re ready to replace cabinets, by all means, include a hidden trash to the right or left of your kitchen sink. There is even an option now to simply push in with your knee for an automatic quick opening of the base. Hands-free! Very cool.

3) Under-counter lights:
There are options like never before! Consider Nora Lighting’s low-profile LED tape lights; an energy solution for lighting up kitchen areas, including under the cabinets, in toe kicks along the floor and on steps. The tape is linear and small and can be attached to anything. This option also has a wide range of colors including cool and warm whites. The tape can be cut every 4 inches…go figure!