Before & After photos

The anticipation of a completed kitchen remodel in time for the holidays was high on the list for one Ohio couple this year. When visiting their home to take these photos, two things they said stood out.

AFTER the remodel

Basically, they complemented their kitchen designer, Sarah Simpson at Studio 76 Kitchens and Baths for her creativity AND patience in helping them through the planning process, and sticking with them through the installation. This is the most time-consuming part of any kitchen remodel project, but a good kitchen designer can really save a homeowner lots of “headaches”!!

BEFORE the remodel

The second topic we talked about was the quality of workmanship. No matter how gorgeous the new cabinetry, granite or floors, the tradesmen are in your home and leave the last impression.

Here are a few things that happened for this marvelous makeover:

  • A re-design of the floorplan that eliminated a peninsula to make room for a two-level island. This kitchen is open to the family room and Sarah included places to sit and gather around her island design. The two levels made it convenient to “hide” the kitchen sink from the adjoining open room and also the cooking area.
  • A major change in the products and materials , including warmly stained cabinets and natural granite counters. Hickory pre-finished hardwood flooring ties in the look of a traditional kitchen. The line of cabinetry is from Custom Cupboards, made in Wichita, Kansas.( The stone was purchased from Mont Granite ( and fabricated by Bradley Stone Industries.(
  • New appliances were minimized in this design and included a refrigerator with custom cabinet door panels, an over-the-range vented microwave and gas range in updated stainless steel. The dishwasher also includes a cabinet panel for a continuous look.

I will write a separate blog on the storage improvements in this kitchen re-do.

I wish I was going to Thanksgiving dinner at this house and kitchen this year… don’t tell my family!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Refrigeration…there’s a huge difference!

keeping food fresh

I always tell homeowners to get what they want when selecting refrigerators, BUT you get what you pay for.

That’s why I like to talk about Sub-Zero refrigerators. This company has been around for 3 generations. And I now comprehend the differences between a Sub-Zero and all the “others”. What’s the secret to storing food? What’s the differences? Here are 5 that I know to be true:

1) Dual-refrigeration. That simply means no shared air! This refrigerator actually has separate sealed systems… which really does ensure the freshest food.

2) Air purification. This reduces odors, bacteria, viruses and ethylene gas. There is a microbiological water filtration system that filters this stuff. (I told you… you get what you pay for.)

3) A lower-temperature crisper and deli drawers… means it’s ideal for produce and meats.

4) Strong warranty. One of the best in the business.

5) This a TRUE built-in refrigerator (not just a “built-in style”). Check out all the photos on their gallery page.

Well folks, I now have a Sub…the smallest model and really like it. There IS a difference. I also have my list of other refrigerator manufacturers that are marketed heavily in appliance stores. Your refrigerator is your most most important appliance in your kitchen. Choose wisely.

Here are a couple fabulous showrooms to see the design possibilities. Call ahead….it’s worth the trip!

Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom Cleveland by Trevarrow, Inc.
PARMA, OH 44130
(800) 362-2807 or (216) 362-9200

Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths
Cleveland/Akron Showroom
9122 Ravenna Road (State Route 82)
Twinsburg, OH 44087

+1 330 487 1176


Monday to Friday: 9 – 5
Saturday: 9 -12
Sunday: Closed
Evenings by appointment

Cooking deliciously with steam….

Wolf’s steam/convection oven

Simply delicious food can be prepared anywhere with a cook who has passion for her recipes and for her family or her guests….but we’re in the 21st century girls! That means fantastic ovens (when you are ready to buy one of course!) So I am discovering the latest steam ovens.

There are many manufacturers out there, but I have been researching both Wolf and Electrolux to get the “skinny” on steam.

According to Electrolux,Electrolux, inventor of the combi-steam concept for professional chefs, is launching a new version of its CombiSteam Deluxe oven for households, now with a bigger cavity and more flexible shelf system.

The all-new oven, which is part of the company’s Inspiration line-up, offers all of the functions expected on a top-of-the-range oven, plus three programmes that use different combinations of steam and hot air:

• CrispSteam (25% steam) for roasting poultry or meat. While dry heat crisps the surface, steam keeps the inside moist and tender.

• SoftSteam (50% steam) for creating a crisp crust on breads and cakes and for reheating foods without further browning them or drying them out.

• PureSteam (100% steam) for dishes like rice, couscous or vegetables for maximum retention of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as natural colour and taste. There is a local showroom with Electroluxproducts on display in Richfield, Ohio.

I also love the Wolf steam oven because you can actually go to a local showroom and learn to cook with steam….live! Here in Cleveland, Ohio, Subzero-Wolf’s “Living Kitchen” provides such an experience.

Brands Distributed:
Wolf Appliance

12610 Corporate Drive (off West 130th – Between Brookpark & Snow Roads)
Parma, OH 44130

Need some recipes using steam cooking? Contact me.
Keep researching those ovens.