Taking down a wall to remodel a kitchen

Deb's kitchen BEFORE wall removed

Deb’s kitchen BEFORE wall removed

For my own small condo kitchen, I considered leaving just a pass-through opening, but still felt “isolated” when cooking or cleaning up. Many of my clients through the years feel that islands must be large, otherwise it’s not worth it. I beg to disagree! My tiny kitchen remodel had big results with a careful renovation.  My hubby was our general contractor AND lead installer, and the project was labor-intensive because the wall was load-bearing.

Yes, we had to set up a temporary kitchen in the basement for awhile, but we don’t regret the decision to “open up” our kitchen.

I kept the design of the cherry cabinetry rather furniture-like because the family room, TV and seating is close by. Minimizing the refrigerator and dishwasher with custom door panels really helped, along with installing the same hickory wood flooring continuous throughout the first floor.

Several months of detailed drawings and a careful selection process is not unusual for a project like my kitchen.

Open view of remodeled kitchen

Deb’s kitchen – AFTER wall removed, view from family room

Happy Memorial Day and enjoy the unusually warm weather. Don’t forget to remember our war veterans throughout history, who gave their lives for our country. Salute.

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