Cook’s Kitchen

Cooking Alcove

Cooking alcove

A typical day in the kitchen for someone who loves to cook should be a warm, cozy, comfy and delightfully designed space. Your color selection in cabinetry could be in a different finish than the rest of your kitchen cabinets. Your countertop “landing” space on both sides of your cooktop should be enough to set a mixing bowl down. When you take a full sheet or roasting pan out of an oven nearby, think of the cooktop itself as another “landing” area. You may also use a nearby kitchen table as a prep area, especially if your kitchen is small. I always recommend a fully sealed stone counter surface in the “Cook’s Kitchen” and plenty of storage for everyday spices. Don’t hate me for adoring electric or induction cooktops versus gas …… I think these (especially induction) are just as precise for cooking as the gas burners. But all cooks have their favorites! Happy cooking! And, by the way, the sage painted, distressed and glazed cooking alcove cabinets shown in the photo are made in the USA. Visit to see more!

A Kitchen Sink For People Who Like To Cook!

Kitchen Sink by Kohler

Kitchen Sink by Kohler

Easy does it

Look for a sink that offers plenty of accessories to complement your cooking style. Moveable cutting boards, rinsing baskets and various trays and receptacles make prep tasks easier and more fun. Chef-inspired Stages™ sinks feature accessories tailored to each stage of the cooking process.

Sinks with an integrated wet surface increase available workspace and simplify prep tasks and cleanup. When you’re done, the stainless steel wet surface is easy to clean, and drains right into your sink.

Swing-away spouts can move out of your way as you put larger pots in the sink basin. Sidesprays are excellent for washing fruits and vegetables as you prepare them. And pot fillers – a real chef-worthy amenity — serve as extendible faucets, and can be installed next to your stovetop or prep sink for easy water access.


Hardwood floors for the kitchen

Hardwood (clear hickory shown in photo) flooring for kitchens Wood floors are just downright beautiful in a kitchen. According to Gordon Austin, of Integrity Hardwoods ( hardwood floors “increases value to your home…and if properly maintained, can last a lifetime.”  I am personally drawn to clear, (not rustic) hickory floors, since that is what Gordon installed in my own kitchen. There is so much warmth and because I am a “wood girl”, I have embraced the way that even small scratches and slight changes through the past few years have given so much character to my kitchen and adjoining family room. Oak, maple, cherry, beech, and even rift-cut woods are so popular, but never trendy for kitchens. Who doesn’t like wood floors in northeast Ohio in the winter?  For more on preparing your subfloor for installing a custom or pre-finished wood floor, stay tuned.

Artwork in the Kitchen

Have you ever thought of fresh, original artwork in your kitchen?  A client decided he wanted to finish up his kitchen remodel with a unique painted mural in his backsplash. I called my friend, Laurel Herbold, who does a ton of artwork in Cleveland, to paint something for him. Together, they came up with an Italian countryside scene that turned out gorgeous! The functional part of the kitchen that includes a microwave, is now outstanding. Great job, Laurel!  You can see more at

Artwork in the Kitchen